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i wish someone made up cool stories about my history

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so i guess the next bit after 64 cpu is qu-bit, quantum bit

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understandable, thank you for your sacrifice

please continue taking it

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provided by the replicator, for free

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trump speech writer

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darude sandstrom ✖️

careless whisper ✖️

never gonna give you up ✔️


so, people that look good in moving pictures are called clipgenic, i guess.

one does not always complement the others. they can look good in one medium, but not on the other medium.

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what a thing, that at first you find it ridiculous, but at the end is making sense?


what a thing, that at first you find it ridiculous, but at the end is making sense?

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the animals are missing their daily humans expo.

they're missing their daily intake entertainment.

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i do honestly emphatic for his well being and hope he'll be doing well in time, though i'm not personally a fan of his character

that said, it's surprising to look at the video, that he looks like a more normal person in appearance, just by losing out his usual trademark wizard looks

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it's only normal to take a twice a day bath in a hot tropical climate.

like it's only normal to take a bath twice a week in a cold geographical area.

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