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The why is kind of hard to pin point and I would probably say someone with a higher degree in poli sci could answer better.

However, I just wanted to point out that they don’t see it as fanatical. They truly believe the left to be evil and doing demonic rituals. I’m almost willing to say they have delusional disorder or symptoms of light psychosis. Shits wack

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The title is unpopular, but your explanation is reasonable imo

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How do you know if you’ve been pardoned in these situations? Do you get a letter?

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There’s no way in fuck this guy “didn’t know she was 12 at the time.” People who are in college even look underage to me now and this guy raped a prepubescent non-teen

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The lesson is to work really, really slow


I feel like with rampant bot/AI posting the traffic into social media sites are being spoofed. And companies know this and allow it to happen because it will inflate the ad value and then the stock value. Is this true to an extent or is this taken into account?

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Yeah man idk about worse than nazis. It’s extremely hard to be worse than nazis. You need to go read up on the horrors the Nazis committed before saying anything is worse or as bad as Nazis.

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Makes me happy that 2 million people felt comfortable enough to be openly LGBTQ+ small steps, but it’s a positive direction

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Legalize prostitution and get rid of the stigma. It being illegal only hurts the women (mostly) in the long run. With legalization you could get rid of a lot of abuse and make it easy for these women to come forward if there is abuse. I think it would also make underage trafficking harder if prostitution was legalized.

I think we’re a long way from that, but one can hope for society.

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Oh that sounds like a perfectly normal reaction to someone different from you

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How aggravating it must be to be a prosecutor and have all the info indicating how guilty this man is and yet seemingly half the nation calls you a liar. Strange gas lighting on a national scale

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Waaaaaaay better privacy, faster than chrome, don’t need to worry about them killing mandatory add ons so they can push ads, also the add ons just work better but maybe that’s confirmation bias.

I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting


Example I think lemmy.world has more sorting features compared to other servers and different software I also assume. So how does that work when communicating with other servers that don’t have code as sophisticated or lack certain features?

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