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The tides are not an indicator for the health of a body of water. They just move it back and forth.

I didn't say it was indicator, I wondered if it affected us in ways. Having your insides move around with the tides might do subtle things. Then again, it might not.

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So the pull of the full moon affects the tides and we're mostly water. What if the planets affect our health and not our moods in very subtle ways. I doubt it, but it's a thought.

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Turns out I haven't looked in awhile, but they have personal wind turbines to power your phone. I think putting a bank on one side of some homes could be great. In Seattle, with all of the micro-climates, hills and wind tunnels, this surely is a thing.


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Holy shit this makes me happy. Now do home versions that combine with solar.


Senate candidates are expected to submit 15,000 valid signatures to get on the ballot. Democrats claim that over half of Roger’s 30,000 signatures may be illegitimate, with lawyers working for the party claiming to have found "patterns that indicate the presence of potential forgery and other fraudulent signature gathering tactics."

Rogers, considered a frontrunner for the Republican nomination, was endorsed by former President Donald Trump in March. Primary elections will be held in August.

The Michigan Board of State Canvassers received the request for a probe late Thursday. The same concerned parties last week asked the board to look into the petitions of other GOP Senate candidates, too, among them former U.S. Reps Justin Amash and Peter Meijer (Meijer dropped out last month).

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Texas sucks.


After reviewing the resignation paperwork, Berry found that, if she signed, she would not be able to take any legal action against the district, would not be able to file any internal complaints or grievances against any district employee, and would not be able to seek another job in HISD.

Berry said she had two possibly performance-related run-ins with the district this school year. One was a memo notifying her she missed two deadlines pertaining to the file review of a teacher and getting her direct supervisor to sign stating he knew where STAAR testing materials were stored. The other was for "expressing (her) concerns" about printing more than 50,000 pages of special education students' Individualized Education Programs.

The special education department of the West Division of HISD sent her a screenshot of the district's operating procedures that said it was district policy to print the documents. But, she said, that rule was not accessible anywhere she could view, even though it was required to be posted on the Texas Legal Framework, a platform pertaining to students needing special education. She was written up in April, she said.


In a rare move, a federal judge on Thursday appeared to reverse his own ruling blocking the enforcement across Florida of one of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ major immigration policies that criminalizes anyone who transports undocumented immigrants into the state.

Just hours after Judge Roy K. Altman made clear that his injunction issued Wednesday was meant to apply statewide, he issued a separate, conflicting order in which he pondered whether his own ruling from a day earlier was too broad — sparking confusion among immigration attorneys and advocates.

“On further reflection,” Altman wrote in an order released Thursday afternoon, “we now invite further briefing on the proper scope of the injunction.” Altman invited the attorneys on the case – representing Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and the Farmworker Association of Florida — to make arguments by June 6 about how widely the order should apply.


Sanders said he recognized the importance of the issue by attending town halls in his home state of Vermont, “and learning how hard it is to get dental care, how expensive it is and [how] dental insurance [is] totally inadequate”.

Sanders’ bill expands dental coverage by adding comprehensive benefits to Medicare; incentivizing states to improve dental benefits through Medicaid; and providing dental benefits to veterans through the Veterans Administration.

Additionally, the bill would attempt to tackle some states’ dentist shortage by creating student loan forgiveness programs for dentists who practice in underserved areas, and increasing funding to non-traditional places to see dentists, including at community health centers and schools.

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I don't normally do question articles, but the US is actively saying that they will be. They just don't know how severe it will be.


The timing, they said, could be designed to create turmoil in yet another part of the world as Americans decide whether to send President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump back to the White House.

“We have no doubt that North Korea will be provocative this year. It’s just a matter of how escalatory it is,” a U.S. intelligence official said.

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I think they keep changing the dates which made the "mistake," but I don't completely understand from the article, It was a way to fuck with the election from my understanding.


Guo, a former real estate developer once reportedly among China’s richest people, fled to the US in 2015. From a Manhattan penthouse that he bought for more than $67 million, with a reference letter from Tony Blair, he built a sprawling group of organizations he said aimed at deposing China’s Communist Party rulers, and gained a devoted following of tens of thousands of Chinese émigrés. With Steve Bannon, he founded the “New Federal State of China” which claims to be government-in-waiting set to take over governance in Beijing.

Guo has pleaded not guilty to 12 charges, including securities fraud, wire fraud, unlawful monetary transactions and conspiracy, including conspiracy to launder money. Though it is not among the charges against him, prosecutors argued last month that Guo also has used supporters to harass and threaten critics.


Merchan agreed to delay the start of the trial from March 25 to April 15 to allow the former president's lawyers to review the material. But at a hearing in March, he rejected their claim that the case had been tainted by prosecutorial misconduct, and denied their bid to delay the case longer, throw it out entirely or bar key prosecution witnesses Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels from testifying.

In a written ruling issued Thursday, Merchan reiterated that Trump didn't suffer any prejudice from the document dump because he and his lawyers were "given a reasonable amount of time to prepare and respond to the material."


"We must pass the Ohio Anti-Corruption Act, which would require dark money groups to identify their funders, disclose their spending, and strengthen the ban on foreign money," Walters said in a statement.

"Meanwhile, Republican politicians who hold supermajorities in both chambers at the statehouse must put politics aside and pass a clean bill to put Joe Biden on the ballot," she continued. "Despite Republicans' political gamesmanship, we're confident Joe Biden will be on the Ohio ballot."

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Won't you think about all of those politicians losing out on their bribe money?

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Allegedly. This is how these types of programs will get squashed.

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Our healthcare sucks, profit driven clinics shouldn't be a thing at all.


The Justice Department filed a sweeping antitrust lawsuit against Ticketmaster and parent company Live Nation Entertainment on Thursday, accusing them of running an illegal monopoly over live events in America — squelching competition and driving up prices for fans.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Manhattan, was being brought with 30 state and district attorneys general and seeks to break up the monopoly they say is squeezing out smaller promoters and hurting artists.

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Forsberg said his only concern was whether Electrified Thermal Solutions would be the ones to bring the technology to fruition, noting that many clean energy technologies have been invented in the U.S. only to gain commercial success in China.

Recent government funding has given the company a significant boost.

In January, ETS received a $5 million U.S. Department of Energy grant to help build its first commercial-scale demonstration project at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, an independent organization that provides contract research and development services to government and industrial clients.


McGovern took issue with being admonished for mentioning that Trump is on trial, while a Republican had previously referred to Trump’s ongoing hush-money trial as a “sham” without any pushback from the chair.

“Has the chair determined it’s unparliamentary to state a fact?” McGovern asked, to which the presiding chair Rep. Jerry Carl (R-AL), responded that he could not determine the veracity of a statement, and warned McGovern to “avoid personalities.”

“We have a presumptive nominee for president facing 88 felony counts and we’re being prevented from even acknowledging it,” McGovern said. “These are not alternative facts, these are real facts.”


An amendment in the Federal Aviation Administration re-authorization bill that was passed last week will allow private aircraft owners to anonymize their registration information. President Joe Biden signed the FAA bill into law on May 16th, after it passed in the Senate 88-4 and the House 387 to 26.

Jet tracking has been made possible up until this point because private plane owners were forced to register aircraft ownership information with the FAA civil registry. That registry has been public until now, allowing for those data points to be combined with open radar mapping to understand where and when certain planes were traveling. It’s through this public information that online enthusiasts have been able to track the jet activity of America’s 1 percent.


In the Trump case, a newly unsealed filing said the former president’s lawyers had turned over four additional documents with classification markings that were found in December 2022, four months after the FBI raid at the property.

US District Judge Beryl Howell, an Obama appointee, wrote in the March 2023 opinion: “Notably, no excuse is provided as to how the former president could miss the classified-marked documents found in his own bedroom at Mar-a-Lago.”

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You didn't read the article.

  • They tried to hire her months ago
  • 2 days before it was released, they tried for her to sign on again
  • He referenced one of her movies in the announcement of the product by saying they got her.

They knew and wanted her to be the voice.


“Last September, I received an offer from Sam Altman, who wanted to hire me to voice the current ChatGPT 4.0 system,” Johansson said in the statement, referring to the head of OpenAI. “He told me that he felt that by my voicing the system, I could bridge the gap between tech companies and creatives and help consumers to feel comfortable with the seismic shift concerning humans and Al. He said he felt that my voice would be comforting to people.”

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