Was 25 and super nervous, so when the realtor was like "oh yeah they just check for basic stuff, but I looked around and it looks great" I was like "Oh okay, this is so astronomically expensive every penny saved is good..."

Everything has been great as far as I can tell. House was built like 40 years ago but super well maintained it seemed and I've been super happy. But just curious if maybe I should hire someone to make sure there was nothing outstanding from back then, and no major issues have popped up in the last couple years like leaks/foundation issues, the like.

Is that crazy? Is it weird to call and be like "I'm not selling, I just wanna make sure there are no issues I need to address before they get worse"

Is there a certain type of inspector I should get? I know some inspectors are notoriously lazy.

Also I moved in 2 weeks before covid lock downs happened for time line stuff.

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When I want a little sweet treat I make smoothies.

My base is always frozen banana + milk + oats then do one of these:

Cinnamon + vanilla

Pumpkin + pumpkin spice+ brown sugar

Strawberries/blue berries

Cost like under a dollar to make a good cup and they are pretty filling.

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Most are made up and silly.

The only one I've liked was in college I did a "communication style" one. Where it showed a bunch of different like emails, posts, and conversations and asked which you preferred to receive and which you were likely to write.

10 years later I still think about it, cause the goal of the work was to talk about how if you're a certain communication style what to keep in mind with communicating with others. Like tips to not get frustrated with yellows who don't care about facts when sending emails and how to write emails that don't bore and frustrate people if you're blue. (I'm blue green. I can sometimes write long emails)

I thought about it the other day cause a guy was complaining about all these emails that didn't seem to say anything, they were just about feeling good, and he just wanted them to spit it out. Which corresponded to firey red getting mad at green.

So with that context, do you have any that actually had an impact on you?


I love fantasy, but fantasy series are kind of nefarious for some... problems.

Series that drag on to reach an arbitrary number, creating a number of filler books. (8/9/10 of a certain series comes to mind for "filler books" )

Series that keep going for so long and lose the thread, straight up making what happened in previous books seem silly and irrelevant.

Books that vary wildly in quality (book 10, shout out to you again)

Series that aren't finished (GRRM fans, you might get your books if he lives long enough. King Killer chronicle fans... I'm sorry, but the author is dead even if the man remains).

I just really wanna try a bunch of fantasy standalone novels from different authors. But I can't for the life of me find a website that'll let me do that. Amazon will say after clicking on it "book 1 of x", so like the information is there, but I can't find any website that let's me search for it. I can find websites that list like "Top x standalone novels of the year" but those are usually really click baity.

"Finished series only" filter would be sick as well.

Anyone have any ideas?

[-] ericbomb@lemmy.world 20 points 1 month ago

Someone posted to the class discussion form with the bit about being an ai bot still included.

I wish it was a joke.

I didn't do great in that class, but it was me getting 70% for not wanting to try and explain a mathematically concept in 500 words! They won't take that away from me.

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My best (stupid) guess is weapons. US gov has a ton of weapons. Already sells tons of weapons. Now the prices will always remain stable. Other countries would love to know that 30 million usd would always be able to buy an f15. Other countries declaring war will increase the value of the USD, as buying weapons from us government will decrease amount of money in circulation.


I try to stream my favorite games, and I will get small audiences because I do events in the online games. But whenever I try to edit or listen back I feel like I'm in pain.

Is it really annoying, or is it just that everyone hates their voice?

[-] ericbomb@lemmy.world 22 points 2 months ago

The obsession with scooter and bike speeds that don't have the mass to seriously hurt people at top speed is crazy.

Like you can find videos of people being hit at top speed by scooters/bikes, usually the pedestrian is pretty fine but rightfully annoyed. Every fatal accident I can find is the escooter/ebiker was hit by a car.

Fingers crossed they stop being dumb and just make actual infrastructure for micromobility so they don't have to compete with giant murder machines.


It's a website that lets you sort amazon by price per ounce/pound/count


Some examples are:

Cheapest rice per pound https://bangyourbuck.com/search/rice/Lb/US/grid

Cheapest batteries by count: https://bangyourbuck.com/search/aa%20batteries/Count/US/grid

Hard drives by terabyte: https://bangyourbuck.com/search/hard%20drive/Terabyte/US/grid

Been using it for months, and I can't stand using Amazon without it now.

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In the US it's not crazy for kids maybe as young as 6 to make themselves sandwiches like a PB&J/Ham & Cheese either if parents have an emergency, or to take to lunch for themselves because parents didn't have time. (Or you know, they're neglectful)

So is there a go to food for children to make in other cultures?

EDIT: Sorry for phrasing it like teaching 6 year olds to cook is mainly to help parents. Personal experience of dad going to prison and mom working 12 hour days at early age shined through. So me being taught to cook wasn't "This is a skill that'll be useful as you grow older" but instead was a "Things are going to be rough, and sometimes things won't work out with me being there when I need too, and I want you to be able to be okay in an emergency". So cooked myself food when I was little probably a lot more than others, then when I was a teenager I was cooking dinner for the family a lot.

But makes sense it wasn't the case for others! Still the curious, what other cultures teach their children to cook!


The people who say they need 3 cups of black coffee to start their day are just addicts with a high tolerance that experience mild withdrawal symptoms each morning.

If you feel like that, it's your body crying for you to take a break.

If you like an occasional cup of coffee or energy drink to get through something, then that's fine. But if you ever feel like one isn't working like it used to, you should take a break from caffeine to reset your tolerance, not up the dosage like an addict.

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Went to a movie theater and saw a trailer for a movie where I was interested in the first 30 seconds of it, but the trailer then showed what looked like something probably from the last 10 minutes and spoiled the entire movie, so lost all interest.

So what movies come to mind as having done really good, where it makes you interested and gives you an idea of the movie, but doesn't ruin any big reveals?

[-] ericbomb@lemmy.world 26 points 3 months ago

I know making it do that is just a marketing trick that they do on purpose

But it WORKS.

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Haha don't think we ever found out, I think they were all conscripted for the fountain. I hope he saved one for himself since it was his favorite snack!

[-] ericbomb@lemmy.world 21 points 5 months ago

"Why are we all out of spike?"

Jamie pulling hundreds of spikes out of the ground that were lost by previous campers

[-] ericbomb@lemmy.world 39 points 5 months ago

Bro I can't imagine how much of an eye for detail you must have to be able to notice where a stake was driven into the ground in an over grown forest. Like was he just really good at noticing where the underbrush had grown funny?

[-] ericbomb@lemmy.world 26 points 6 months ago

I knew someone was gonna show up making fun of the fact that Hannah Montana is a distro.

[-] ericbomb@lemmy.world 21 points 6 months ago

Oof calling my 29 yo butt out

[-] ericbomb@lemmy.world 23 points 6 months ago

Like power not being able to turn on.

Or circuits trip like crazy.

[-] ericbomb@lemmy.world 27 points 7 months ago

No laws against it, but I'm just curious if I'm angering the faster and more athletic folks!

[-] ericbomb@lemmy.world 27 points 8 months ago

Supposedly he signed that, then turned around and demanded the sick days:


[-] ericbomb@lemmy.world 44 points 8 months ago* (last edited 8 months ago)

People like you being in charge is how English got to this position in the first place!

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