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I was briefly able to get to https://archive.org/donate - I’m going to kick them a few bucks and recommend anyone else who can afford to also do so.

There’s also this, copied verbatim from the site:

Other ways to donate Mail your donation to:
Internet Archive
C/O Philanthropy Department
300 Funston Avenue
San Francisco, CA  94118-2116

In order to ensure you receive an acknowledgement of your gift as quickly as possible, please include an email address with your mailed donation. We regret that we cannot accept cash or check donations in currencies other than USD.

Stock or Wire Transfer:
If you would like to make a stock or wire transfer gift, please contact us at donations@archive.org

I say we go full Streisand effect on whatever dickhead is trying to censor them.

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Ah interesting.. I didn’t think that chroma keying was widely available or cheap enough in the late 60s.

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I always find behind the scenes stuff really cool, but I think my brain isn’t creative enough to understand how this works. Can anyone smarter at cinematography explain to me what’s going on here?

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Yeah that’s very true.

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With it being local it’s probably a small and limited model. I took a couple courses on machine learning years ago (before it got rebranded as “AI”), and you’d be surprised at how well a basic image recognition model can run on the lowest-spec macbook from 2012.

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We’re looking at how we can use local, on-device AI models -- i.e., more private -- to enhance your browsing experience further. One feature we’re starting with next quarter is AI-generated alt-text for images inserted into PDFs, which makes it more accessible to visually impaired users and people with learning disabilities. The alt text is then processed on your device and saved locally instead of cloud services, ensuring that enhancements like these are done with your privacy in mind.

IMO if everything’s going to have AI ham fisted into it, this is probably the least shitty way to do so. With Firefox being open source, the code can also be audited to ensure they’re actually keeping their word about it being local-only.

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No, no, you got it all wrong. It’s freedom for bigots to not have “the gay agenda” forcibly foisted upon them. Don’t you see how it could be offensive to and even discriminatory against christofascists to be reminded that non-straight people exist and are human beings too? Idk dude it sounds to me like you just hate small government conservative values ™️ and freedom.

(/s if it wasn’t obvious)

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Just wear hundreds of thousands of them glued together, problem solved.

On a more realistic note though, the applications of this will probably be industrial for a good while. I found it interesting how the article mentions that they were able to develop a diamond coating over their growth substrate. That probably has some cool applications in industrial settings where diamond-plated materials are used.

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Oh so now Mitch is back to criticizing trump again? What did Mitch get rebooted again and forget endorsing him a few weeks ago?

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The article title is straight up misinformation at present. From the article itself:

The FuryGPU is set to be open-sourced. “I am intending on open-sourcing the entire stack (PCB schematic/layout, all the HDL, Windows WDDM drivers, API runtime drivers, and Quake ported to use the API) at some point, but there are a number of legal issues,” Barrie wrote in a Hacker News post on Wednesday. Because he works in a tangentially related vocation, he wants to make sure none of this work would break his work contract or licensing etc.

Nothing against OP who simply copied the title, nor the project author. This is impressive but it’s not yet open source and there may be legal hurdles preventing it from becoming so.

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I know nothing of ~~Macron’s policies~~ Attal’s politics, but credit where credit is due. Someone needs to call out these right wing nutjobs cropping up across western democracies.


Yes I’m brand new. Also yes, I am still on S1.

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Fucking finally. The New Republic isn’t a huge player, but it’s nice to see a mainstream-ish media outlet calling him out without using flowery language or an op-ed to dance around it.

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