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…what even…

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I would rather play that on the Dreamcast.


Super Smash Bros. Melee

Soul Caliber 2

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I could’ve sworn I posted it myself.


I remember seeing this in theatres and gettings scared of all the human characters in the film.

I thought the writing was confusing and offensive and took shots at superheroes in general (Edna).

The scenes often flip-flop between scenes and actions in two extremes that suggest bipolarism.

The characters are abrasive and ugly, and I remember being traumatized by Syndrome, Gilbert, the teacher, Edna, and Jack Jack all who I despise with a burning passion because I was overstimulated by the over-the-top acting.

I would prefer to read actual superhero comics because they had better writing and art even though this blockbuster was intended as a homage to the medium but I found it offensive.

The workplace scene was just…horrible.

Makes me grateful not to work in an office.

Honest Trailers did an episode praising the film but I disagreed because I didn’t like the film at all.

No other film has come close to traumatizing me since I watched the film when I was younger.

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Example: I use Pandora for specific songs and Jango for the rest of the music out there.


I have been using Micorsoft Bing for a few weeks and using the Rewards program and I'm still debating on whether or not I should be using their new digital assistant Copilot assuming it won't replace everything else.

I am enjoying Microsoft products more but wonder about Copilot when I already dabbled with ChatGPT and OpenAI and also reading up on the subject and asking my family whether it will be detrimental or not to me.

I also use Microsoft Windows for the games you can only find on Steam (Injustice, The Sims 3) which is why I chose to use more Microsoft stuff.

What does everyone think?

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Interesting topic…I could speak the full name of the USSR and the motto in Russian in school.

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Maybe, I think Goku refuses to fight weakened people including Superman with Kryptonite.

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Well, unofficial servers, but yeah.

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They also put Death Battle in jeopardy as well.

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That would be me on Lemmy as well.

Happy to be here!

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You could look for foreign communities who speak different languages and practice speaking to them through Lemmy if you wanted to.

For the longest time, I’ve pursued languages and was just posting on foreign-language communities because I like to learn them and I seek contact with foreigners just to practice my languages.

Mostly I posted in Spanish and German having learned some of those languages growing up and more recently when I took up learning on Busuu.

Where I live, Spanish is a more common foreign language because of our Hispanic population and my family too. I also used a DNA kit that showed me what heritage I had (Mostly English and German but I inherited some Mexican from my mother’s great grandmother from when I was little. So that’s also why I pursue languages.

I also pursue them as sort of a hobby of mine.

This is just an idea I had in mind from my recent activity here on Lemmy. I’m actually on lemmus.org and moved from lemm.ee but I seek contact with some foreigners for my languages.

Maybe join lemm.ee or lemmus.org if not that?

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That makes me angry.

See what I did there?

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So far, I rescued Princess Ruto, lifted the Master Sword and let Ganandorf gain his power, and now I’m an adult where Sheik is my companion.

EDIT: And I started inside Jabu-Jabu earlier.

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