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Texas is racist, Florida is racist, but ain't neither of them got shit on Alabama and Mississippi. Texas and Florida are just louder.

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I heard white racists make fun of black people for that a lot when I was younger. But we ate it when I was a kid because we were poor and that was cheap and delicious.

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I guess they talked to us because we were the "light" version of their church. I don't really know how they'd treat a real outsider I guess. They always tried getting us to come to church stuff with them.

It was normal to me. My parents weren't bad people and they didn't make me raise my younger siblings. I didn't get abused like a lot of the kids around me. I put up with some bullshit, but we all do to some extent.

I appreciate it, though.

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Did we just become friends?

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They've got 55 police per 10,000 residents. That's more than twice as many as LA per capita with a 3% decrease in violent crime per capita. That tells me we could, but definitely shouldn't, grind up one fifth of them into a fine powder freeing up a whole bunch of money in the budget. NYC does seem to have a significantly smaller property crime rate than the national average but that number is suspect. How much of that is them just not dealing with property crime and not filing the paperwork?

And that $5b? That's not their whole budget, that's their personnel budget. Total budget for FY2025 is closer to $11.9b/yr. Their salary is closer to 80k/yr/officer on average.

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I sure am feeling like a rambling old man today.

By the time the oldest kids become parents they're already tired of being parents because mom and dad can't possibly keep up with a dozen kids and sure aren't paying nannies and babysitters.

By the time a couple generations go by, there's no more help. They still get government assistance if they don't get out but grandma and great-grandma still have school aged kids and aren't helping (let's face it, pappy ain't doing it).

So who the fuck is taking care of these hundred and change kids? It's only good for a surge unless you have multiple wives (again, you know the guys aren't doing it), which is not happening at a rate that makes a difference, although that happens a little bit. So by that third generation you've got a fuck-ton of kids who definitely think it's bullshit.

I grew up in a semi-related cult and saw that happen in real time. The one I grew up in wasn't the "super family" welfare abuse type but did preach to have as many as you could handle while still being able to afford them. I personally know the people you're talking about and they're super literalists, young earth creationists, and dispensationalists who hand wave millennialism with "a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day". Some of them believe that the war in heaven started the day the Jewish people went back to Israel and that the horsemen of the apocalypse are already here. Some referred to covid as either Plague or Death until they decided it was fake. They're sure that every event is the harbinger of the rapture.

Hearing these people talk is fucking wild. I know they're a minority, but if you go into some of the more insular rural communities you'll meet them and they are fucking serious. They don't understand why you and all of their kids can't just see what's happening.

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So you're telling me that if we just started grinding cops into a fine powder we'd not only save on their salaries and benefits, we'd also save on the amount of equipment they need and could fund things like libraries and social safety nets? And that we could sell that fine powder for uses such as food for heads, surgery, delousing, cosmetics, bomb disposal, firepower, and head transplants and fund even more things?

I'm not saying we should be grinding cops into a fine powder. I'm saying let's take a look at where we could save more money while helping more people.

Torgo's Police Powder is certainly not a thing we should turn those fucking pigs into. No sir. And if someone tries laying this at my feet I'll deny it.

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Slight non sequitur, but slightly connected (welcome to my brain). Anyone can safely ignore this long, rambling comment.

There's a series of books called The Laundry Files by Charles Stross. It starts off as kind of an HP Lovecraft meets spy novel meets a sys admin workplace humor thing. Somewhere in there, I think it's the 4th book, there's one called The Apocalypse Codex that deals with a quiverful group of Christian true believers that are accidentally worshipping an otherworldly horror and using parasites to "save" folks. It even features a forced birth center. I've known quiverfull, prosperity gospel, literalist folks my entire life, but every time I hear about quiverfull people I still think about that novel. I can highly recommend the series if anything I wrote above sounds remotely interesting, especially if you can get the audiobooks. Here's one of my favorite passages from that book:

"They’re believers, Mr. Howard. Pentecostalist dispensationalists—they are saved, but they are surrounded by the unsaved, and they think their master is returning imminently, and anyone who isn’t saved by the time of his arrival is doomed. So they intend to save everyone whether or not they want to be saved, one brain parasite at a time."

Other than the extra-dimensional horror, I think the book pretty accurately describes the mindset of those people. The series metaphor for modern society is so good that he had to delay and rewrite the last book because the original plan, prior to the pandemic, was to have the final resolution be a highly contagious disease.

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I don't know about now, but when I was in the military I didn't run into these types often. They existed, but less commonly than in my civilian life back in Podunk Hillbilly Land. Most of us were just trying to get our job done and have a good time, not generally in that order. We didn't really discuss politics.

My buddy lived near the nuke school in South Carolina a couple of years ago. He said the folks that came out drinking from the school were not what you'd think. There were activists trying to bring about change and give a voice to the students, at least one enby, some cornfed cowboy dude that was very protective of his gay friends to the point of fighting a civilian over drunk comments, and a douchey looking guy who hung out with them.

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The other poster answered what it means in this context. But in a broader context a trick knee means that the kneecap can pop out of place causing the knee to buckle because it can't support their weight.

Making it jump through a hoop means making it perform the aforementioned trick. It's just dumb wordplay that comes from one of the tricks pet owners teach their dog, namely jumping through a hoop.

The story I got was that there was some sort of horseplay and someone accidentally clipped his leg causing him to collapse and eventually led to a medical discharge. I choose to believe him even though my good sense tells me he just used an old injury to get out because he couldn't hack it.

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Unless they were in the Navy. I don't remember ever actually using the NEC code for my job. It used to be 3373 (I think, don't quote me on that) but I know they changed it to a new format recently.

I left as ETN2. Maybe it was different for other rates. A lot of the things we did were "special" because we were a bunch of really smart morons.

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Yep. The only time I even mention my service is when it's relevant to the conversation (it rarely is). I've known people for years that don't know I was in.

I have a friend who is a pretty good guy generally, but he mentions that he was in the Marines within 5 minutes of meeting someone. He washed out less than a month after boot camp because someone accidentally made his trick knee jump through a hoop.

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