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One method is epigenome engineering and would target genes advantageous for space. Another method is to combine the DNA of other species (i.e. tardigrades) with human cells to make humans better fit for space.

From lemmit.online

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He also does a great Redd Foxx impersionation- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=490TsUYe5f4

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Is Catnip Safe for Dogs?

Yes! Not only is catnip safe for dogs, it is also good for them! Catnip contains vitamins C and E, magnesium, flavonoids (phytonutrients), tannins, and essential oils. Like cats, some dogs don’t respond to catnip but for the ones who do, catnip has the opposite effect that it has with cats. With dogs, catnip acts as a mild sedative and can help with a variety of issues.

Nerves: If your pooch gets nervous at the vet or groomer, try giving her some catnip about 30 minutes before her appointment (see below for tips on how to do this). “It calms them down,” holistic veterinarian Dr. Randy Kidd, tells Animal Wellness magazine. “Some dogs don’t respond, but the ones that do become more relaxed, calmer.”

Bad Belly: Catnip can also come to the rescue of pooches suffering from tummy troubles. These include everything from indigestion (sort of like how mint tea is good for the human belly) to nausea and motion sickness.

Sleep: Because it acts as a sedative, catnip can help with sleep. If you have a pooch who keeps you up at night, catnip given before bedtime for a short period of time could help to regulate his sleep patterns, getting him to a place where everyone can sleep the whole night through.


You can read about Luhn's algorithm here

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aired from 1936-1937. if anyone has a copy pls lemme know

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the type of earwax you have comes down in part to your skin type, Dr. Shapiro explains. People with oilier skin may have wet earwax, while those with drier skin tend to have dry earwax, she says.

People of East Asian descent are more likely to have dry earwax, while wet earwax seems to be more common with everyone else

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Maximum, that is.

1 child policy from 1979 to 2015.

2 child policy from 2015 to 2021.

3 child policy since 2021.

The announcement came after the release of the results of the Seventh National Population Census, which showed that the number of births in mainland China in 2020 was only 12 million, the lowest number of births since 1960, and the further aging of the population, against which the policy was born.[5] This was the slowest population growth rate China experienced.[6]

Although the CCP government had high expectations for the new policy,[16] in a 2021 online poll conducted by the state media Xinhua on its Weibo account, using the hashtag #AreYouReady for the new three-child policy, about 29,000 out of 31,000 respondents stated they would "never consider it."[15]

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Also mistaken for fulgurite by the more naturalistically minded, apparently. Maybe most common in the Nordics, based on viking references?

Additional links:
https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukonvaaja [Finnish]

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Very weird that I am so old and have literally never heard this mentioned in a TV show or book or movie or anything.

In four out of five states, if you go to prison, you are literally paying for the time you spend there.

As you can guess, this results in crippling debt as soon as you're released.

The county gets back a fraction of what they hold over your head the rest of your life until you commit suicide(or die naturally and peacefully with the sword of damocles hanging over your head).

$20-$80 a day according to Rutgers.

Counties apparently sue people and employ wage garnishment to get back the money that majority of people obviously cannot pay back.


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While $1m USD in 1988 is worth only $2.6m in 2024, if they just put it in the S&P 500 back then and left it there, it'd be worth over $44.6m today.

I don't know if the Dijon ketchup is really worth it.

TIL the PSVR uses Linux (www.playstation.com)
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just stumbled upon this license

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Of course, there is no direct admittance of "we knew it would be cheaper to let them die."

Instead, they say "we had no legal obligation to rescue them." That's the answer for the people who were born yesterday.

Big oil truly is a disgusting thing.

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Have been on a QI binge lately, so I've been learning all sorts of random stuff. Here's today's:

Stephen Fry: [Upon reading how Lord Dawson euthanized King George V] "Isn't that what a speed ball is? He's basically gone the same way as John Belushi"

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_V#Declining_health_and_death

By 20 January, George was close to death. His physicians, led by Lord Dawson of Penn, issued a bulletin with the words "The King's life is moving peacefully towards its close." Dawson's private diary, unearthed after his death and made public in 1986, reveals that George's last words, a mumbled "God damn you!", were addressed to his nurse, Catherine Black, when she gave him a sedative that night. Dawson, who supported the "gentle growth of euthanasia", admitted in the diary that he ended the King's life:

At about 11 o'clock it was evident that the last stage might endure for many hours, unknown to the Patient but little comporting with that dignity and serenity which he so richly merited and which demanded a brief final scene. Hours of waiting just for the mechanical end when all that is really life has departed only exhausts the onlookers & keeps them so strained that they cannot avail themselves of the solace of thought, communion or prayer. I therefore decided to determine the end and injected (myself) morphia gr.3/4 [grains] and shortly afterwards cocaine gr.1 [grains] into the distended jugular vein ... In about 1/4 an hour – breathing quieter – appearance more placid – physical struggle gone

Dawson wrote that he acted to preserve the King's dignity, to prevent further strain on the family, and so that George's death at 11:55 pm could be announced in the morning edition of The Times newspaper rather than "less appropriate ... evening journals".

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Excellent listen throughout, but you can skip to 17:30 for competition with McDonalds.

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It was a footnote in an article I read about a monkey using blindsight and that there had been several experiments with humans proving blindsight existed and that surprised me. As a footnote.

There have been several experiments that indicate people can see without using their visual cortex.

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