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List of unofficial console PC Ports with Tutorial (Re-/Decompilations)

I have created a list of all the unofficial console PC ports (that are based on Recompilation or Decompilation) I know about, along with easy-to-install versions that have been marked with a star ⭐.

Additionally, I have included short installation tutorials on how to install them. My plan is to keep this list up to date and add new finished PC ports in the future.


I got those two for $20. One for me and one for my son. Working on setting up the custom firmware and Nintendont to servers since the closure of the official ones.


Started playing this game today, and with retro games I hate looking things up. So, if you've played this, could you be my friend at the lunch table and clarify a few things:

  • Am I imagining this games difficulty? I feel like I am making little progress and I'm always getting ganged up on.

  • Does this game require a lot of grinding or repeating tasks before moving on?

  • Should I be killing these innocents I see on the street? I try to get shadow runs but they seemingly always involve killing ghouls, which bend me over and spank my samurai butt. I've put my morals on hold and have been tediously murdering the population for the little nuyen and items they have.

  • is the samurai class the all-rounder character or should I just restart as a shaman or netrunner?

I really like the atmosphere of the game and despite my Initial confusions I'm having fun. Do you have any insights you could provide me? Do/did you like this game? How is it compared to the Snes version?

Thanks in advance chums.


Super Smash Bros. Melee

Soul Caliber 2


Sakura Wars is set in a Steampunk Tokyo, in the 1920s, protected by a mysterious Imperial Assault Troop. The male protagonist, Ichiro Ogami, an Imperial Japanese Navy Ensign, is transferred to the Flower Division in order to become its captain. As he arrives at the Grand Imperial Theater, the theater manager, Ikki Yoneda, tells Ogami that his job will be… punching tickets? Ogami is, obviously, quite confused, as he expected to become a captain and fight alongside his soldiers. Quite disheartened, Ogami is about to give up and stay a ticket puncher forever, when, suddenly, a strange alarm rings, and the beautiful actresses of the company jump into their giant mecha armor, the Koubou, and it’s time to fight! Ogami and the Imperial Assault Troupe will have to protect the city from a nefarious force that plans to take over Tokyo.

Disponibile anche in 🇮🇹

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I played a little of it when I first got it, but then I heard that it's better to patch it. So I joined the discord for it and figured I'd look into that later. Well later turned into years, eventually I left the discord server to make space for other servers and never did wind up going back to Arcanum.

Now I'm really getting into Fallout thanks to the show, and I've heard many people say that if I like Fallout to try Arcanum.

So I tried to get back into the Discord, however I found I've been banned. Which is odd, it's not like I got into a bad situation with an admin or anything. I pretty much never interacted with anyone. So I can only assume they saw that I was there for so long and assumed I was a bot (Or maybe someone got a DM from me back when my account was hacked), and I can't get a hold of anyone to get back in.

I've heard that if I want to enjoy the game to find the multiverse edition, but apparently that's hosted on the Discord I can't get into.

Is it worth trying to track down an alternative means of playing that patch? And is the game really as good as they say?

Thanks in advance.

Yours Truly, Queen HawlSera


Hello all! I have an amazing modded GBA that I purchased through an eBay builder who was wonderfully communicative and built my console exactly how I wanted it.

Unfortunately, I've found myself displeased with one specific feature: the DPad. It takes a great deal of force to move diagonally in any game I play. I truthfully don't recall this being an issue with my old OEM unit that I enjoyed in highschool. I added some cardstock as a makeshift spacer based on some recommendations I've found online, and that improved it only marginally.

Has anyone else out there encountered this issue? If so, do you have any advice?

My initial research suggests the aftermarket membrane for the DPad is the culprit. I've cleaned the contacts on the motherboard so I believe that can't be the problem. If membrane conductivity is the issue, then I don't know what brand to replace it with. Seems like every thing on the market is built by the same manufacturers?

Any advice you guys can offer would be appreciated!


Atari® — one of the world's most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers — announced today it has purchased the Intellivision brand and certain games from Intellivision Entertainment LLC. Intellivision Entertainment LLC will rebrand and continue its business of developing and distributing the Amico brand game console with a license from Atari to continue to distribute new versions of the Intellivision games on the Amico console.

Atari will seek to expand digital and physical distribution of legacy Intellivision games, potentially create new games, and explore brand and licensing opportunities as part of a long-term plan to create value from the Intellivision properties.

Pew pewpew pew pew (lemmy.world)

The games included this time are:

  • Bubble Bobble
  • Cadash
  • Champion Wrestler
  • Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2
  • Rastan Saga
  • Runark
  • Thunder Fox
M.U.L.E. Online (puzzud.itch.io)

For those who loved the classic Ozark Softscape game.

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"Do you want this old thing?" My uncle asked, pulling the old Game Boy from an end table drawer. "Your cousin didn't want it anymore so I've kept it. Your aunt and I played Tetris on it for years, but now the screen's all messed up and the buttons hardly work."

Memories flooded back to me of begging my cousin for a turn at Metroid 2 in the back seat of my aunt's Chevrolet Corsica on the way home from the zoo. Passing it around playing Kirby and Super Mario while at a birthday sleepover with a dozen other 3rd graders. Pleading with my Dad for one for my own birthday.

As I flipped the switch, Tetris music filled my ears. It was dirty, and the screen had vertical lines, but I couldn't say no. It was FINALLY mine!

I got to work right away. I was able to resolve the vertical lines by reflowing the solder on the screen, and then I cleaned up the motherboard with alcohol while I soaked the shell in an Oxyclean solution. Now she's running in tip-top shape! A friend called me a glutton for punishment for not replacing the screen, but I want it just like it is. Every scratch tells a story!

Super excited! Had to share with y'all!


For a long time my favorite was Excite Mario Bros.

Excitebike riders, Kirby, and Samus are trying to stop you at every turn from reaching the end of the levels! Here is a full game hack which changes all the levels and graphics. Also the music has been slightly altered to give the original music some change.

Recently though my favorite has become Celeste Mario's Zap & Dash!.

A hastily done minihack (with levels designed within 2 months) that features Celeste-styled gameplay.

It adds dash and wall jump mechanics. I haven't beaten it yet but I am really enjoying the level design.

What about you? Any favorites or recommendations?

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