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Looking for somewhere to discuss stuff that doesn't swing right or left and doesn't ban people for voicing an opinion.

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Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. I'll delete if so. It's also rather long. But I'm not sure how to figure out where to go from here.

There are two components to the above.

  1. I am bad at my job.

I am a bit too slow and am objectively the weakest link of my group of coworkers. No one has told me this, but I know it to be true. Often we will be behind with the workload and I know it's most likely because of me. It impacts others and it makes it so people have to work extra hours on the weekend. This hurts people.

To help make up for this, I sometimes do extra work off the clock to help my coworkers. But I still feel bad about it.

I don't want to switch careers. I make very good money at my job and don't have any other skills. I have been doing this for several years now and cannot see myself improving any further at this point.

We are working on getting an additional employee which should help the workload. However, I will always be the weakest link and it feels bad.

  1. I complain/vent too much .

This isn't acceptable, as it hurts other people. Most human beings have empathy. When I do this to people, I can tell that it makes them feel bad. And many people already have enough to worry about in their lives. What right do I have to hurt other people by making them feel bad for me?

This one at least I can work on improving. I need to be able to learn to shut my mouth and stop talking to people in these scenarios. It's wrong to vent to others. It hurts them. You're not supposed to do that. You're not supposed to express yourself that way to others. You're supposed to keep sadness and frustration inside.

But I have learned to shut my mouth in other scenarios, so there's some hope I can learn with this one. It's really hard because I don't stop and think until after I've done it.

How do I go about dealing with this sort of thing? Thanks if you've taken the time to get this far. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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I am looking for a community to find moderators for my community and I have used several community search engines to search for communities to ask users if X community exists, but I have not been able to find any. Maybe someone in this community can help me to find out if such a community exists.


considering the current state of the world and things like the resurgence of fascism and other authoritarian ideologies, do you think there is still a chance to avoid a new world war or now is unavoidable?


With that convoluted title I'm making myself think about what we'd call the additional days on other planets or other different temporal circumstances.

Instead of ending them with -day you could end them with the planetary body name or circumstance name. Today might be Lajove on Jupiter!


These days i have had several problems with twitter, mostly at midnight, with dms not being sent and the page going down all together, is just me? No one over there seems to have noticed

It's Pride Month~ (lemmy.world)
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Remember: be gay, do crimes

The OwOs are in the jets

The thigh highs control the nets

Always been around, always will be 😎


I encounter situations like this rather often where I am responding to a comment that contains many individual points/statements. I typically will respond with a single comment that contains a quote of each point that is being responded to with my response under neath the respective quote — and, sometimes, for added clarity, a horizontal line separating each response. For example:

Statement 1

My response to Statement 1

Statement 2

My response to Statement 2


I wonder if it would be better practice to have atomic responses to comments — create a single comment for each individual statement, i.e. spawn a new thread for each new atomic topic. This would allow scores to be representative of each specific response rather than an average of the total, and it may also help with clarity when reading through the comment section, as well as easing the creation of responses (not needing to rely on formatting so much). For example

Comment 1 in reply to comment with multiple points:

Statement 1.

My response to Statement 1.

Comment 2 in reply to the comment with multiple points:

Statement 2.

My response to Statement 2.



I know next to nothing of hiking, so I'd be interested in hearing of your trips and tips and whatever else!

My limited knowledge roughly amounts to go with someone (genuinely) experienced, have more water (and probably food) than you'll think you need, good footwear, be wary of the mystery berry, and don't try to pet/touch all the wildlife (no matter how cute they may seem).


I've been bouncing between shows lately, binged through a few or what was available anyway.

Recently it's been more anime shows, but I binged through some live action stuff awhile back like Russian Doll, was also watching some of the original Quantum Leap for a minute, some Columbo, and dove into a select few old Outer Limits episodes.

What have been some of your recent binges and bounces?


One year and 1.5 months to be more precise.

Suggest me some things I should look check out or look forward to now that I am back online.

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so first of all she is hot and I have a big crush on her so much that I can't even concentrate in her lecture.

I like when she make me plea for her signature and make me realize that I will fail the semester if she don't sign on my journal. however she then signs when I beg before her.

she also forces me to be extra polite in front of her. I fucking love it!

I don't know I am just a weird person :(


full disclosure i was accidentally logged out today and scrolled for 5 minutes and it was pure pure absolute uncut dogshit i mean god awful bad. so i don't blame people. but on my account it knows what i want


I'm extremely new to this site, but have seen a lot of promising things. People here seem to use logic and common sense, instead of baseless feelings. I've also seen calling out hypocrisy and (to put it lightly) evil laws and regulations.

So you guys know how if you Boil down Twitter users, it's basically blue haired vegan feminist. Reddit users are the basement dwelling pedophiles. And 4chan are the racists.

What is the stereotypical lemmy user?

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I've revised the sidebar description to try to clarify what's okay to post here and encourage discussion.


This is a community for general discussion where you can get your bearings in the fediverse, discuss topics & ask questions that don’t seem to fit in any other community.


This is a community for general discussion where you can get your bearings in the fediverse. Discuss topics & ask questions that don’t seem to fit in any other community, or don’t have an active community yet.

Technically the latter sort of posts have always been welcome here, but it struck me that as it wasn't written out, some may have been uncertain and opted not to post at all. With it written explicitly, hopefully that may put those uncertain more at ease to post.

Active is admittedly pretty vague, so I'm inclined to keep things lax on that. If you find a community for something but it's not seen any posts in months, don't feel too down! Try posting about the topic here for the time being, and hopefully you may find likeminded people that share your interest.

Somehow or other this community is widely subscribed to, so more people are apt to see posts from here than smaller communities, meaning better chances of finding others to talk to.

Once you've found your peers, feel free to work out the details for starting a community and link to it from here.

Hope this helps!

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Just like migrating from Reddit to Lemmy it's the same as migrating from Windows to Linux, there's shortcomings and learning curve and the more I use Lemmy the more I hate about Windows, because unlike reddit Lemmy is open source and open source softwares communities is more popular than proprietary communities and people like to shit on them (and I loved it). (Sorry for horrible English)


At this time, I have been feeling a bit down and is why I haven't being doing much with the koala community I had created here. But now I'm thinking about it again and had been wondering how I would incorporate a koala comfort place into it where one could talk about concerning things that may also be worrying things. I'm already planning on having links to articles about koalas and petitions to help koalas posted to it. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know.

The one thing right now that is slowing me down is the amount of e-mail that I currently get, that is now over two hundred e-mails a day. This is mainly due to the amount of non-profit organizations sending me emails about surveys, petitions, donation requests, and actions to take among other things, and I'm now wondering if I need to create a list of them here to find out which ones I may have to filter and send to the trash.

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What do you guys think about Walmart+? Service has good value, or just another way a company can suck more money out of consumers while providing the bare minimum of service and quality?

Edit: lemmy squashed my image into a potato, so here's a hosted one: https://pasteboard.co/ybPFckqHErr2.jpg

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Hey, so I know some of you may be new or may have never wrapped your head around what any of this federation stuff means regarding Lemmy, so I aim to keep this simple while linking to more detailed posts for those interested in more technical background at the bottom.

The short of it is, your posts and comments to communities hosted here on Lemmy World or elsewhere, or comments to posts from others on Lemmy World from elsewhere, may be taking awhile to be visible to others outside of Lemmy World. In other words, if you've posted to a community on say, Lemmy.nz or Aussie.zone (for the most dramatic examples), you may not have seen any responses until much later because it took that long for them to process & receive them.

This is a known technical issue with the present Lemmy version that is currently being discussed and worked on. As I understand it, this is in large part due to the concentration of activity on Lemmy World, while some other delays are related to geographic factors, both smashing together for one gnarly snag with the Lemmy software.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you would like more timely communications with a variety of other Lemmy sites' communities, you may consider moving from Lemmy World to another Lemmy site.

Lemmy World is up to date with Lemmy, meaning you can export your settings (including user/community/instance blocks and community subs) and import on other up to date Lemmy sites. This tends to be easiest via the web interface so far as I'm aware.

Alternatively you may remain with an awareness of why you may not have seen many replies/comments to some of your comments/posts on other sites' communities, or suddenly see notifications for replies/comments to "old" comments/posts. People may only now be seeing them some time later.

Lemmy Federation Issue Discussion

Other Related Discussions:
Lemmy NZ Update on Lemmy World Federation Issues
Why do comments from lemmy.world users not appear until 4 days later?
Reddthat Update and Notice on Lemmy World Federation Issues
dbzer0 Federation Mishaps Postmortem

Communities Moving From Lemmy World Related to Delays
QuiteInteresting community notice
CasualConversations community discussion/notice

p.s. if I've misunderstood the issues in some way, please correct me in the comments. I've tried to avoid citing additional configuration hiccups besides dbzer0's (e.g. I think Sopuli's recent delays were something like this), such as World's own from around a month ago to keep focus on the underlying Lemmy issue.

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The message should be for the US to stop sending money to Israel. Israel isn't going to stop this shit in the name of "peace". The best any US citizen can do is constantly berate the US for sending money to Israel. Biden needs to know he'll lose to the orange man in November if he doesn't take note. When you protest you need a clear demand, and the US could definitely stop sending money to Israel.

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