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Was watching with my nieces/nephews and had to pause for a screenshot. Not only does it look like Lemmy, it bears a somewhat striking resemblance to the Tesseract UI I develop.

Screenshot of Tesseract for comparison:

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If you've noticed content from Lemmy World lagging by a few hours the past few days, it's not just you.

Long story short, it's a problem with how Lemmy sends activities, and it's heavily impacted by latency between sending and receiving server and creates a fixed upper limit on the number of activities per second that can be sent. Lemmy World is hosted in Finland, and DubVee on the US east coast. There's only so much I can do to work around the inherent latency of a trans-Atlantic link.

We're not alone in this. Some instances, particularly in Australia, New Zealand, and US west coast, are impacted more dramatically.

While there's always some federation delay/backlog, it only escalates to noticeable levels every so often. Not sure why, but I've gone over our infrastructure top to bottom several times and cannot find any reason, on this end, for these events. The graph in the post shows the number of activities Dubvee is lagging behind Lemmy World over the last 30 days.

Normally, it's 300-500 activities which usually corresponds to a minute or less of lag between LW sending an event and DubVee processing it. Occasionally, when LW gets busy, we see spikes into the 3000-5000 range (~5-7 minutes of lag). Every so often, though, there will be huge backlog events (the spikes from 15K to 35K) which often take 8-12 hours to catch up. A month or two ago, I think the largest spike was around 180,000 (though that was a separate issue).

I believe this is being addressed in Lemmy itself, but it'll be a while before it's ready (and I'm certainly going to let other instances kick the tires before upgrading).

In the mean time, I've talked with some other admins and have deployed a Federation proxy. I won't go into the nitty-gritty details, but it does seem to be alleviating a lot, but not all, of the congestion. We went from averaging around 10,000 backlogged events to about 2500. So, definitely an improvement.

Update: Buffer has cleared, and things seem to be coming in pretty close to real time. Occasionally the buffer kicks in, but overall, it appears to be helping. Will continue to monitor. Usually 11-12 AM eastern time is when we start to see lag increasing in activities coming from Lemmy World.

Hopefully there's some more optimization I can do in the mean time, and hopefully Lemmy addresses this limitation, but for now, this should make things less bad.

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I don't normally jump minor versions this fast, but since this release completely breaks backwards-compatibility with 0.18.x I figured the jump was warranted. Any bugfixes or feature backports that need to be done to 1.3.0 will be released in the 1.3.x series.

Lemmy 0.19.3 is now the minimum supported API version as of Tesseract 1.4.0

Note: If you are using the hosted instance (tesseract.dubvee.org) and are connecting to an 0.18.x instance, you will need to make arrangements to either self host 1.3.0 or ask your instance admin to offer it as an option. Once 1.4.0 enters beta testing, the hosted version will be upgraded and 0.18.x support will no longer be available there.

New Features Preview

I'm still tweaking some of these, so the release version may look slightly different from what's pictured here.

Image Upload Management

You can now delete post, post body, and comment images. Be kind to your instance admins and clean up after yourself :).

There's a new "delete" button next to the post image upload that activates once you upload an image. In addition, in the post body and comment text editors, your uploads will be shown as thumbnails along the bottom along with a "delete" button for each.

Post form with upload management

It also works on mobile:

Mobile view of post editor with image upload management

You can also specify the alt text in the image upload (not for post images, though; API limitation).

Screenshot of the new image upload modal with alt text field.

Deleting images also deletes them in the API, so again, be kind to your instance admins and delete mistaken uploads :)

User Profile Modals

User links throughout the application now load a modal with action items and basic user details.

User Profile Modal

Users Without Profile Avatars Now Use Dicebear "Adventurer" Avatars

I put a lot of work into making profiles look nice and got tired of half or more of the users that show up in them having blank profiles with just the initials placeholder. Blank profiles now automatically generate a pseudo-random avatar. They're based on the user's actor_id value, so the same user will always have the same random avatar until/unless they set one of their own.

An otherwise blank profile with a randomly-generated avatar

Upgraded /instances Instance Browser

After releasing 1.3.0, I realized that the /instances page used about 800-900 MB RAM because it's rendering several thousand instance objects each with action items, etc. I re-wrote it completely and wrote custom pagination to go along with the filters so only 100 are shown at once. This has cut memory usage significantly.

New instances page now with pagination and federation state

Additionally, I added federation status information, when available, to each. If the instance is Lemmy, you can pull it's outbound federation status for your instance. This is useful if you think your instance is lagging behind any other; it will show you an estimate of how many activities you're behind by.

Instance Object with Federation State Shown

You can quick-access the federation state from the "Instances" menu on posts:

Instance menu on post showing option to show instance stats

Hide Submissions from New Accounts

Annoyed by people spinning up burner accounts and bouncing, often deleting the account and content afterwards and taking any meaningful conversations with it?

Tired of seeing spam / troll posts from brand new accounts?

Me too. Now you can choose to hide submissions from accounts considered new. If they stick around, then the posts will become visible to you after the account has matured past the configurable cutoff age (1-30 days). If they don't, or they get banned, then you'll never see their garbage.

Filtering settings showing new options to hide submissions from new accounts and set the number of days an account is considered new

This setting behaves differently for mods and admins. If you are a moderator, you will still see submissions to any community you moderate. If you are a local admin, you will see submissions to any community that is local to your instance (whether you are an official mod of it or not).

Submissions in the user's profile will still be visible regardless of this setting.

Vote Viewer (Admins Only)

As with Lemmy-UI, admins can view the votes on any post/comment to check for manipulation by alts, sockpuppets, etc. You can access the vote view through the Moderation menu on posts/comments.

Vote Viewer

I did not redact that as I intentionally chose a new post with the single, default creator upvote. Clicking the username will open a profile modal.

Other Under-the-Hood Changes

  • The internal image upload proxy has been removed as it is no longer needed. Was required in 0.18.x since POST -> /pictrs/image was CORS-restricted to the API's origin.
  • Unprivileged users can no longer see the admin and community settings.
  • Moderator View listing type is now available
  • Scaled sort is now selectable as a default sort option
  • Various tweaks to look better on mobile
  • Added more polish to moderation modals (got rid of ugly checkboxes, moved action buttons to better places, etc)
  • Removed most of the backwards-compatibility hacks from 1.3.0 that were required to support both 0.18.x and 0.19.x


No scheduled release date. All of the listed features are completed and stable, but there's still a laundry list of "to do" items. 2FA setup is also planned for this release, and I still haven't gotten around to re-writing the custom feeds.

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Sandi and Alan discuss how the Klaxon was Alan's idea, their favorite guests, and possibilities after Series Z

Stephen Fry's camp "mein handy" (tesseract.dubvee.org)
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Fry is amused that, in Germany, mobile phones are called "handies".

Embed Video

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cross-posted from: https://slrpnk.net/post/9476352

This kind of debt likely means that he's for sale, which is not great when it comes to public officials

Upgraded backend to 0.19.3 (self.announcements)
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Finally got around to upgrading to 0.19.3.

Upgrade did not go smoothly due to multiple DB migration step failures and less than helpful logging from Lemmy during the DB migrations. (surprised Pikachu).

After digging through to figure out what it was complaining about, the upgrade was finally able to be completed.

You will likely need to log in again (at least I did).

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I'm in the process of migrating the pict-rs database to Postgres. Pict-rs has to be offline during this process, so images here will appear to be broken for a bit. You also won't be able to upload any images for the duration of this migration.

Estimated time is about 20-30 minutes.

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I tried to cue the video up in the link, but if it doesn't work, that clip is at 2:37 mark.

"In our first series, it was Greek letters. But then people wrote in and said 'we like the show, but we find that pretentious'. So we began Series 3 with an apology: "We'd like to say to everyone that's been enjoying the show but found the Greek letters a bit pretentious, we've listened. It's your BBC. You've reached out, we've heard you. Please choose....your Egyptian hieroglyph.

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TL;DR: If you've been using Tesseract and didn't realize it had admin capabilities: surprise! It totally does.

A user pointed out to me this morning that Tesseract wasn't detecting that they were an admin.

Basically, I completely forgot that the admin flag was moved from person to local_user in 0.19 and never updated the admin check function to account for that. So when it looked in the person object in 0.19, it wasn't there, the admin role was never assigned, and a big chunk of the application remained hidden away.

This meant the admin panel, instance-wide moderation menus, and admin-only options (ban from instance, registration applications, private message reports, etc) were not being shown to admins on 0.19.x instances. Only communities they were explicit moderators of would show the mod options or reports.

Mea culpa.

The only instance I can test admin role functions against is my own, which is still on 0.18.5 (for reasons, I swear). So, I was not aware that this has been a bug for months ๐Ÿ™ƒ

I've pushed a fix to the 1.3.0 branch and merged it into main as well. The Docker images for 1.3.0 and latest were also updated with this fix. The change is backwards-compatible with 0.18.x so nothing will change there.

If you deployed a version of 1.3.0 prior to 2024-05-11 12:40:00 UTC (or are still running 1.2.9 on a 0.19.x instance), you may want to pull the updated image or rebuild from the main or 1.3.0 branches to grab this fix.

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Forgot how much I missed seeing Sue Perkins on QI. She was always fun.

I know she's got her own projects, but so do most of the other panelists. Anyone know if there's a reason she hasn't been on in forever?

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Finally releasing 1.3.0. I didn't quite rip it down to the studs, but it was damn close. Much of the UI has been re-written as well as a lot of the underpinning helper functions. There's a lot of changes, though most are just enhancements and polish to things that already existed in 1.2.9.

The full changelog is a beast, so I'll only post the highlights here:

Highlights for 1.3.0

API Compatibility

1.3.0 "Defiant" remains fully compatible with both 0.18.x and 0.19.x. This will be the last version to support 0.18.x. Once development of 1.4.0 begins, the minimum supported API version will be 0.19.3.

0.19.x Features Supported

0.19 has had basic support (mostly auth) since 0.19.0 was released. In addition, 1.3.0 now offers a few more features that become available when connecting to an 0.19.x instance:

  • Scaled sort becomes available
  • Instance block becomes available
  • Instance blocks are managable through your Profile->Blocks page.
  • Cursor-based pagination is used if available but falls back to offset-based for 0.18.x


  • Whole UI has been polished. See the changelog for the full list of changes since 1.2.9
  • Removed markdown-it and all of its plugins as it was too cumbersome to extend to do some things I wanted to do and replaced it with svelte-plugin-marked. Wrote custom renderers to replicate the functionality of markdown-it-html5-embed and spoilers.
  • New community moderation capabilities (directly ban/unban users, localized modlog with quick actions)
  • Sidebar fonts are now more compact
  • Long community names are intelligently shortened where needed
  • You can now select one of several fonts to use for the UI. The default font is now Roboto.
  • New notification widget
  • Option to hide those obnoxious "anti AI" CC licenses people put on their posts/comments that they somehow think will prevent LLMs from training on their submissions. ๐Ÿ™„
  • Posts with URLs will now have an [Archive Link] next to them which will automatically search archive.ph for that URL. Please stop commenting "Paywalled" when someone posts an article.
  • "Copy Lemmyverse Link" added to user profile menus
  • Can now change password without having to go through "forgot password" process (I swear I thought I already implemented this, but I guess it never got merged in. Oops)
  • Action bar for posts/comments is now reversible. Primarily intended for mobile when you want the vote buttons to be on the right-hand side.
  • Bugfixes: too many to list


This deserves its own section since the search was completely revamped.

  • Search filters cleaned up and polished
  • Can now search from community or user pages which will automatically filter the search to just that community/user
  • Added a "More from {user}" option to the community menu on posts. This will search for posts by that user in the current community.
  • #Hashtags are now automatically converted to search links

Remote Instance Community Browser Revamp

  • Can now one-click subscribe to communities on remote instances
  • Your subscription status for communities is now reflected against remote instances
  • Got rid of modal to view community info. Each item is now a collapsible item; expand to see community details.
  • Admins can specify a list of instances that will pre-fill the instance selector for quick browsing. Users can enter any instance they want also.

/instances Page

Can now view federated instances (allowed, blocked, linked) through Tesseract. Additionally, you can filter by software (Lemmy, Kbin, etc) and keyword as well as hide dead instances.

Each instance also has action buttons to view communities there (Lemmy only), visit the instance, view a Fediseer report for it. Dead instances are also indicated with a "thumbs-down" icon.

Instances are considered "dead" if they haven't been pinged in > 3 days.


  • Peertube videos now embed seamlessly. You can already follow Peertube channels in Lemmy, and now they'll show as a feed of embeds.
  • Embeds now only render when they're in the viewport. Once an embed is out of the viewport, the iframe is destroyed and removed from the DOM. This saves a LOT of memory.
  • Can enable an option to show alt text as a caption on images in markdown (not post images, but images in the post body and coments).

Feed & Posts

  • Added buttons on community avatars to quick subscribe/unsubscribe (ok, saw that Photon did that and implemented it almost exactly the same. Sue me).
  • "Explore" menu is now "Instances" menu. Instance-specific options are here such as Fediseer reports, block that instance (0.19+), and browse communities there.
  • Infinite scroll is now the default.

Post Creation

In addition to the polish and cleanup, the form to create posts has some new features:

  • Can now pull the metadata from the given URL to pre-populate the title and pull a thumbnail for previewing
  • Uploading images can now use the image proxy URL to reduce load on the API server (if media proxy/cache is enabled by admins and users enable it in their settings)
  • Can preview in both card and compact views


Lots of tweaks and polish, now has quick action buttons that can be used to reverse a previous action or take additional actions. You can also easily turn a temp ban into a permaban without the intermediate step of unbanning first.

Features That Did Not Make It Into 1.3.0

There are only two features that didn't make the cut:

Reimplement custom feeds

Since this is the last 0.18.x release, and I'm having to support both cursor and offset-based pagination, I've decided to push the custom feed rewrite to 1.4.0 which is dropping 0.18.x support. That will make implementation easier and cleaner than having to support both methods.

TOTP 2FA Setup

Same as with the custom feeds, I want to do this cleanly. Since 0.18.5's TOTP setup is bonkers and can easily lead to accounts being locked out, I've decided to skip adding this until 0.19.x is the minimum-supported version.

Get Tesseract

Feel free to play around with the demo instance (it's unlocked and can log into any Lemmy instance), but ideally, you'd host it yourself or ask your instance admins to offer it as an alternate UI.

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Also, horizontal overflow scrolling on the header? #Fail.

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Totally forgot Teri Hatcher was on.

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Alan's unique and heartwarming way of welcoming Sandi to the seat. I think this was like her 2nd or 3rd show after taking over from Fry.

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Currently, we host 4 UIs:

Due to all the bot crawler traffic that slips through, I'm having a hard time distinguishing actual usage from bot traffic. That said, it does seem like Mlmym and Alexandrite are rarely used by actual people (there's a lot of bot traffic to filter out that spoofs its user agent, so I could easily be wrong here).

Update: Mlmym does all the Lemmy API calls server-side, so all of the actual usage traffic was actually originating from my server (which I was filtering out).

I'm looking to decommission ~~Mlmym (the old Reddit style) and~~ Alexandrite.

I just updated both of those to the latest, so apologies for the brief disruption if you were using them, but ultimately I'd like to trim down the selection to just the ones being actively used.

So, poll time: Are you using old.dubvee.org or alex.dubvee.org? If so, please make your voice heard and I'll keep them around. If not, or if I don't hear back, I'll likely decommission them this weekend.

Update: Will keep Mlmym (old Reddit-style). Alexandrite is still up for decommission unless someone is using it as well.

1.3.0-beta.4 Uploaded (self.tesseract)
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Just deployed 1.3.0-beta.4 to DubVee as well as pushed a new Docker image (amd64 only). Still need to finish the community browser rewrite (still at 90% but fully functional) as well as finish debugging and merge in the custom post feed rewrite.

Highlights for This Beta

  • Removed markdown-it and its plugins as the markdown renderer and replaced with a Svelte version of the Marked.js renderer
    • Added highlight.js to render code blocks
    • Wrote custom renderer to replicate spoiler blocks
    • Wrote custom renderer to replicate the functionality of markdown-it-html5-embed
    • As a side effect, sub- and superscript are not supported. I may be able to add those on later, if practical, but for now they're not available. From what I've seen, they're uncommonly used, so probably won't be too big of a loss for now. Reason being, this markdown renderer uses Github style which doesn't support those.
  • Jumping to comments is heavily improved
    • Will now scroll the comment to the top of the screen (or as close as allows) as well as highlight the comment so you know exactly which one is being referenced.
    • Now correctly resolves the comment when unauthenticated
  • Fixed a bug with resolving direct post links. This bug has a very specific set of conditions before it is apparent, so see the changelog for a full rundown.
  • Added new mod tools to community settings
    • Direct ban or unban a user without them having to post in the community. Useful if a known troll is running amok and you want to prevent them from bringing chaos to your community. Can also direct unban a user without having to dig through the modlog or find an item to bring up the appropriate context button
    • A mini community modlog that also includes context-sensitive action buttons to quickly take an additional action or reverse a prior action.
    • A quick link to the full modlog that's filtered for that community
  • Main modlog also has context-sensitive action buttons to quickly take additional actions or undo previous actions
  • Fixed annoying overflow issues with comment headers on mobile.
  • Added subscribe/unsubscribe quick buttons to community icons in post feeds
  • Post/comment action bar is now reversible (nice on mobile if you want the vote buttons on the right).
  • Can now hide scores and show only your upvote/downvote status on posts/comments
  • Downvote button automatically hides when on an instance with downvotes disabled
  • Post preview enhanced to allow preview in both compact and card views
  • Can now fetch metadata during post creation (e.g. you can just put in a URL, and it will fill in the title, etc)
  • Now has an /instances route to see allowed, blocked, and linked instances.
  • Posts with links now include an [Archive Link] button that will search archive.ph for that URL. Please stop commenting "Paywalled" lol.
  • Added a handful of fonts you can choose from for the UI (Roboto is now default font)
  • Three different types of configurable URL blacklists for admins (all disabled by default)
  • When connected to an 0.19.x instance, Scaled sort option becomes available.
  • New user options:
    • Show alt text as a caption on images in markdown
    • Hide those annoying CC licenses people add to their comments that they somehow think will prevent LLMs from training on them ๐Ÿ™„
  • And more....(see changelog)


Don't have a screenshot gallery yet, but here's an example of an inline image in the comments using the new renderer with the option to show alt text as caption enabled.

Screenshot showing alt text as caption with optional markdown title also

The markdown for that would be something like [Alt text/caption](https://example.com/image.gif "Title Text") and is fully compatible with other Lemmy frontends.

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I'm not quite done with the 1.3.0 release of Tesseract, but the last few bits are going to take longer than I expected. So I think I'm going to hold off and add those in a 1.3.x release a bit later.

I've gutted, re-implemented, and just flat-out re-wrote large portions of the application over the last month or two. I've also been daily driving the dev version, and I guess a couple other people were too. That said, it is stable enough for daily use and ready to get some more eyes on it before an official release.

So, please bear with me if you hit any bugs (I've fixed all the ones I've found so far). If you would be willing and kind enough, either submit a Github issue if you find a bug or just throw a reply to this post with as many details as you can provide.

Hope to run a few betas here before officially releasing 1.3.0.

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3 users here now


This is a Federated Lemmy instance that focuses on West Virginia and other topics of interest. Members are allowed and encouraged to create and grow communities.

Montani Semper Liberi

Please be good to each other.

Getting Started

Explore the communities already loaded into this instance. If you don't see what you like, try searching for a community in the Lemmy Community Browser. Once you find something that interests you, copy/paste the community link into the Search page, wait for it to pull in, and then subscribe.

Instance Rules

Unless otherwise stated, these rules apply to both local accounts and those interacting from federated instances.

#0 Don't Be a BuzzkillWe run reports and can detect mass downvoters, both local and federated, and we do ban them. If everything here displeases you, then maybe go be miserable somewhere else.

People enjoy different things, and this instance is subscribed to a variety of topics. If you don't like something, move on, block the user/community, or subscribe to things you DO like - don't browse "all" just to jump in the comments to shit all over others.

#1 Be CivilYou should absolutely not consider this community a "bastion of free speech" in any way, shape or form. Please read our Free Speech Policy for further details.

Be here because you want to be here. This is not a refuge for people who have been banned from other social sites. If you're here because you've been banned elsewhere, you'll definitely get banned here too - probably faster.

There is a zero tolerance policy in place for hate speech, bigotry, racism, sexism, homo/trans-phobia, and any other uncivil behavior.

Usernames/display names containing racist or any other inappropriate slurs will not be approved, and any interacting from remote instances will be banned without warning.

Definitions of Free Speech:

  • Free speech: Done in good faith. "I can speak my mind without fear of being arrested"
  • "Freeze peach": Done in bad faith. "I can say the worst things imaginable without consequences because 'free speech, y'all'"

We try our best to respect the right to free expression (within the bounds of civility), but "freeze peach" will not be tolerated.

#2 Bot PolicyAfter running Lemmy for a few months and observing the various bots that have sprung up and how chatty and annoying they are, the DubVee bot policy has been updated. In short, no bots are allowed unless explicitly approved in advance by a site administrator.

Approved bots must flag themselves as a bot and must have their operator's contact info in their bio. Any/all unauthorized bots or bots that do not identify themselves and their operator will receive a permanent ban; no exceptions. Bots interacting from remote instances will be banned as well if they are annoying.

If you encounter an annoying bot, please report it for evaluation.

#3 ChatGPT and AI-Generated ContentI do not care what you asked ChatGPT or asked an "AI" to generate for you, and I will not waste resources on my systems hosting it. AI generated drivel will be removed with prejudice and repeat offenders banned.

#4 NSFW and Controversial ContentIn short: Try to keep posts and comments rated R at most, preferably PG-13 or lower.

I don't give a fuck about language; just don't be an asshole. It's also encouraged to be creative with your profanity if you choose to swear. If in doubt, look to the Scots for inspiration.

Pornography is strictly prohibited. Any content posted that is deemed pornographic will be removed and the account banned.

#5 No Advertising/Self-PromotionAccounts are prohibited from advertising products or services. There's a big difference between posting about a cool project you've been working on/found and shilling for a product/company that will be enforced on a know-it-when-I-see-it basis.

#6 Mis-/Disinformation PolicyPosts should not deliberately contain or spread disinformation / misinformation. Posts / comments determined to fit that criteria will be removed. This includes any and all posts from sources MBFC deems low credibility regardless of community, blogs presented as news, or any other non-news source presented as a news article.

2023/01/31 Update: All links to news articles must be to the original source. Link shorteners, archive links, etc are prohibited. If you wish to provide such a link, it must be added as an addendum to the post in the body. The post's URL must be to the original source. This will be enforced for both posts to local communities as well as posts from federated ones.

There will be absolutely no exceptions. to this rule.

#7 Agendas, Astroturfing, and BrigadingWe do not allow users to push agendas outside of dedicated communities; that's not what we're here for. This is a little difficult to codify, but basically if you want to push a stance on something, keep it to a community dedicated to that topic. Local users are free to create and grow a community for this purpose as long as it adheres to the DubVee instance rules.

For example, if you don't like cars, keep your anti-car sentiment to appropriate communities such as /c/fuckcars rather than dredging up every anti-car post you can find and spreading those across news and other communities. Similarly, don't jump into the comments of unrelated communities to push your anti-car stance.

This rule sounds more draconian than it is, but the purpose of it is to discourage brigading and keep communities civil.

Accounts should not engage in astroturfing or sock-puppeting.

Alternate Frontends

The default UI for DubVee is called Tesseract but we offer the following alternative frontends if it's not your cup of tea:

founded 11 months ago